Presentation of the European Project APC and Port Information System in the Port of Ploce Authority - 12 June 2012

12 Jun 2012

The Port of Ploce Authority held the presentation of the EU project Adriatic Port Community (APC) and the Port Community System (PCS) to the representatives of the port community. More than 50 representatives of port operators, customs, border police, railway operator, maritime agents, forwarders, control companies, as well as representatives of the Town and Dubrovnik-Neretva County were acquainted with the two development projects implemented by the Port of Ploce Authority. The main speakers were Mr. Tomislav Batur, executive director of the Port of Ploce Authority, then Mr. Svemir Zekulic, assistant of the executive director who is also the Project manager and coordinator of both projects, and IT projectant Darko Plecas. The APC project will as a matter of fact allow the inclusion of the port of Ploce in the cooperation processes with other Adriatic and Mediterranean ports and gaining of experience for other EU projects, which includes future creation of own project proposals. In addition, it confirms the correctness of the decision on development of the PCS, the port community system project which is under realization and which is complementary to the APC project.


Adriatic IPA