The project

The Adriatic Port Community (APC) project aims at developing an IT system prototype based on the “Single Window” principle, namely a single interface improving the exchange of information among the ports involved in the initiative: Venice (IT), Ploče (HR) and Igoumenitsa (GR).

APC’s goals include streamlining the administrative procedures related to the arrival and departure of ships especially in terms of time, managing the incoming and outgoing flows of goods in port areas and improving the management of parking areas within the port areas.

Such system involves the creation of a single interface to enhance the exchange of information collected by means of the different IT systems developed by each partner.

By analysing the procedures and processes of each port involved in the project – especially those concerning the flow of goods, custom operations and land transport – APC will identify the needs of the three port Communities (Venice, Ploče and Igoumenitsa), therefore enabling them to exchange relevant data. After identifying the requirements of the IT system to be developed, each Port will create four specific modules (management of arrival and departure of ships, application for the management of import and export goods, parking areas management), aimed at exchanging the information among partners through the shared software application, in order to implement the “Single Window” prototype.

Once fully operative, the prototype will enable a better exchange of information among Ports, thus improving their efficiency and competitiveness.

Specialised training for the use of the system will be provided to port staff.

APC’s budget is € 2,557,000.00. The project is 100% co-funded: 85% by the Adriatic IPA Cross Border Cooperation Programme and 15% by national funds.

Adriatic IPA