TEI of Epirus, partner of the Project APC - The Adriatic Port Community

14 Oct 2011

Implements the Department of Department of Applied Foreign Languages in Management and Commerce with the collaboration of the Laboratory of Knowledge & Intelligent Computing

An enhanced information exchange system for ports, speeding up the administrative process for the arrival and departure of vessels and improved port efficiency and competitiveness, these are the aims behind the “Adriatic Port Community - APC” project which aims to foster information exchange among ports in the Adriatic/Ionian Sea area, with a special focus on Roll-on/roll-off flow and both existing and future short-range lines, and which is being implemented in the framework of the IPA Adriatic Cross-Border Cooperation Programme 2007-2013, Priority 3 Accessibility and Networks, Measure 3.2 Sustainable mobility systems.

The Partnership of the project consists of the Venice Port Authority (www.port.venice.it) (Italy) that is the lead partner, and Port Authority of Igoumenitsa S.A. (www.olig.gr), Technological Educational Institute of Epirus (www.teiep.gr), National Technical University of Athens (www.ntua.gr) (Greece) and Port of Ploce Authority (www.port-authority-ploce.hr) (Croatia) as partners.

The main results targeted are the following:
- Ease the transfer of data between the relevant authorities and operators within the Adriatic basin;
- Contribute to efficient seamless intermodal transport;
- Reduce the cost of the services;
- Improve efficiency and services of the Adriatic sea transport;
- Develop and demonstrate solutions and systems that ensure acceptation and participation by a wide spectre of actors involved in transport and traffic operations;
- Improve the estimation of the available infrastructure.

More specifically:
The objective of the APC project is to improve the effectiveness and the transparency of the port operation and the attractiveness of the Adriatic ports as provider of fast, efficient and reliable services, to contribute to the development of a more homogeneous cooperation environment for the definition of common approaches to enhance port processes through the establishment of a common e-platform enabling a single window approach and operating as a Port Community System basic infrastructure an at least three topics: ship arrival and departure management, customs clearance processes and port logistic management. The specific Information System will be designed after the analysis of the users’ requirements of the involved in the project ports, the analysis of the procedures of the aforementioned ports that are related to the ships and the customs, and generally of the procedures that are related to the management and the control of the freight flows.

So, the APC project will develop a system based on the “Single-Window” Principle, namely a facility that allows parties involved in trade and transport to lodge standardised information and documents with a single entry point to fulfil all import, export and transit-related regulatory requirements with a view to improve the effectiveness of the procedures for the clearance of freight flows in port areas, through the design, development and testing of a support instrument for ship arrival and departure, customs clearance and cargo logistic.

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