Venice Port Authority

The Venice Port Authority (VPA) is a subject under public law. It is in charge of directing, scheduling, coordinating, promoting and supervising port operations both at commercial and industrial level.

Moreover it carries out the maintenance of shared areas and of the seabed, monitors the supply of general services, manages State-owned maritime property and plans the development of the port area.

Being one of the European leading figures in the project cargo and general cargo sectors, VPA constantly and precisely invests in strengthening the port infrastructure, in compliance with the principles of eco-friendliness and environmental protection.

Throughout the years VPA took part in several European projects: first in the framework of the INTERREG IIIA and INTERREG IIIB programmes, then, for the 2007-2013 period, both as leader (WATERMODE – South East Europe programme, EMPIRIC – Central Europe Programme, SAFEPORT – Italy-Slovenia Programme) and partner (SONORA – Central Europe Programme, MEMO – Pro-MED, ALPCHECK – Alpine Space Programme) and took part in many other initiatives including the ones directly founded by the European Commission (TEN-T Networks and LIFE Programme).

The Venice Port Authority is the head of the Adriatic Port Community (APC). Besides being in charge of the sound, efficient and effective management of the entire programme towards the management bodies of the IPA Adriatic CBC 2007-2013, VPA is also responsible for the communication and dissemination activities (WP2), the process and port analysis activities (WP3: defines methodology and coordinates the activity implementation) and the IT module development (WP5).

Contact info

Santa Marta, Fabbricato 13
30123 Venezia - Italia
Tel. +39 0415334111
Fax. +39 0415334254

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